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How to care for your car with a ceramic coating.

How to care for your car with a ceramic coating.

Maintaining your vehicle’s paint surface coating is essential to ensure its longevity and a sleek appearance.

Here are some tips and tricks for washing your vehicle after applying paint surface coating:

  1. To allow the coating to cure properly, during the first three days, we recommending only using clear water to remove any surface contaminants gently.
  2. After waiting a minimum of three days to wash your vehicle with car wash/shampoo we recommend using HYDRO+ Shampoo or similar pH neutral car wash/shampoo that is safe for your paint surface coating.
  3. Avoid using a car wash/shampoo that contains degreasers or solvents.
  4. Avoid using polishing products as they can harm your coating and shorten its lifespan.
  5. Do not take your vehicle through automated car washes that use harsh chemicals or abrasive washing actions, as they can damage your coating.

By following these simple tips, you can keep your vehicle’s paint surface coating looking new and extend its lifespan. Remember to use a high-quality car wash/shampoo and avoid abrasive washing actions.